Fuzzy Logic means Perfect Rice

rice overflowingIt has not been too long when one day I spoilt a whole dinner hosted by me. I put the rice in the cooker after having prepared everything else and went to have a shower. By the time I came back to the kitchen, I found that the rice had bubbled out of the cooker, leaving the gooey starchy mess on the cooker, counter tops, cabinets under them and the kitchen floor. The guests were ringing the bell and I was almost in tears with the mess that made me change instantly and set to cleaning once again after letting the party in and make them sit alone for almost an hour.

To this day, I don’t know where I went wrong. The amount of rice, water or was there something wrong in the cooker itself. That night after the party was gone, I was just sitting in front of my laptop to find the best cooker in my budget. I stumbled upon the fuzzy logic rice cooker and since then, have hosted a lot of parties and never have to face such a situation. Chef Brazil helped me to make that choice. Chef Brazil editors review the best rice cookers with pros, cons, videos, price comparisons, and user reviews.

Fuzzy logic rice cookerThe Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers come with highly intelligent micro-computers which allow the space for the human uncertainty. Accounting for the terms such as ‘almost’, ‘near’, ‘a little bit more’ etc. the Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers have the ability to deliver the perfectly cooked rice even if the ingredients are not properly measured. The temperature monitoring, steam etc is done by the cookers themselves and the user need not worry about anything.


Apart from cooking only rice, the Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers can be used to cook the soups, stews, and every other thing the simple cookers do. The steaming of the vegetables and meat etc can be done also. Apart from cooking the different types of rice such as the porridge rice, sweet rice, hard rice, soft rice, sushi rice, regular and brown rice; you can also choose the texture of the rice such as wet rice, sticky rice, dry rice, etc.

The Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers employ the principle of the intelligent cooking and makes the cooking as close to the human understanding as possible. I have used Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker for cooking various types of rice and have never been left unsatisfied with the results. The rice comes out perfect and as I am a huge fan of rice, I can tell every person out there that it is the best rice cooker you can have.