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320 South at the Geffen Playhouse

We’ve had the great pleasure of hosting the Wine Down Sundays tastings at the Geffen Playhouse for the past few weeks. It has been a great experience for us, and has allowed us to really show the quality of wines that we will be showcasing us. The wonderful folks at Geffen highlighted our contribution in an interview video, and we are very grateful for that recognition.

Edgar Poureshagh – General Manager:

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This resource is awesome if you’re into good Food & Wine in Los Angeles, they give you the low-down on events

M. Bhrad – Los Angeles

LA Dine-N-Club, 2013

3Twenty Wine Lounge, a charming gem on La Brea Avenue at Third Street, has carved a place into the hearts of locals as a small plates go-to place that focuses on the wine pairing experience

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