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Our DineLA Menu, Starting July 14th!

I always look forward to DineLA. It really allows us to reach out to new guests, offer something interesting to our regulars, and show the direction which the restaurant is progressing in. We hope you will join us. Cheers!     -Edgar

Rioja Wine Tasting Event March 26th!

I am so excited to announce that next Wednesday, we will be doing a flight of wines solely devoted to Rioja, one of my very favorite wine regions!

6 wines for $25… and the wines are phenomenal! We will be drinking 3 gran reserva wines, and one them comes from a magnum bottle that dates back to 1998.

A special treat is that we will be joined by Nina Sventitsky from the Rioja DOCa consortium to talk about what makes these wines so beautiful.

We are limiting this tasting to 30 guests, and expect it to book well in advance. If interested, call 323-932-9500 to make your reservation! (reservations are being booked between 7-8:30pm)




DineLA! Jan 20 – 31. Here is our menu!


Well, we are extremely excited to be doing dineLA again this year! It starts today, and goes on through the 31st. Here is our menu. Please call 323.932.9500 for reservations. Cheers!

Course 1 (choose one from each course):

  • roasted beet salad w/pistachio and goat cheese
  • arugula, treviso, cranberry, and parmesan salad
  • potato leek soup w/lardon bacon
Course 2:
  • prawns wrapped in bacon w/paprika oil
  • burrata, olives, and garlic confit
  • mussels steamed in garlic and ale
Course 3:
  • roasted duck leg and thigh
  • wild boar poutine
  • braised lamb w/papradelle and goat cheese
Course 4:
  • choose from a selection of assorted desserts
  • the desserts will change often… I can tell you that tonight we will be doing a choice of cheesecake, affogato, a salted scotch cookie and carmel gelato ice cream sandwich, and tiramisu

Monday June 24 Pop Up – Pasta Night! with Joe Youkhan


I am so excited about Monday, as it will really let me express my love for indigenous Italian varietals, and some of my favorite esoteric Italian wines. Chef Joe Youkhan has put together an amazing menu, and I am going to have so much fun with pairing wines to each dish (if asked to). Please join us! There is some space left, and it should be quite a memorable evening!

Here are the items that Chef Youkhan will be preparing:


Arancini alla Bolognese (3) $9

Crispy Risotto Balls stuffed with a Braised Shortrib Ragu

Provolone Cheese & San Marzano Marinara Sauce


Bruschetta Trio (1 each) $9

Organic Chicken Liver, Crispy Pancetta

Heirloom Tomato Tapenade, Buffalo Mozzarella

Gorgonzola Dolce, White Gold Honey


Grilled Bianca Pizza $16

Porcini Béchamel, Stracchino & Fontina Cheese

Baby Arugula, Pistachio Pesto, White Truffle Oil

Small Plates

Caledonia Blue Prawns “Scampi” $16

Fresh House Made Squid Ink Spaghetti, Garlic-Herb Breadcrumbs


Black Summer Truffle Tagliatelle $28

House Made Pasta, White Truffle Butter

Shaved Fresh Black Truffles


Foglie ‘D Ulivo Punttanesca $12

Spanish White Anchovies, Cerignola, Caspelvetrano & Sicilian Olives

San Marzano Tomatoes, Calabria Chile, Salt Packed Capers, Fresh Basil


Bucatini Amatriciana $14

Guanciale, Vidalia Onions, San Marzano Tomatoes, Calabria Chile

Pecorino Romano Cheese


Colorado Lamb & Cremini Mushroom Meatballs $19

House Made Gnocchi, Crispy Pancetta, Watercress

Pimenton Aioli

Connecting with Linda Neal of Tierra Roja

Tonight was a great honor for me. We had a great event exploring the red wines of the Sierra Foothills. The restaurant was filled with people that were happy, the wines were vibrant, and it was really one of those moments that truly remind me that I am lucky to be able to do this.

We highlighted two wineries tonight:  Miraflores and Mellowood. Mellowood is owned by Linda Neal, proprietor of the famed Tierra Roja winery of Oakville

I took the opportunity to have her answer some questions about my favorite Napa Valley wine, and how it came to be. 

What makes the location of the Tierra Roja Vineyard so special? 
  • The soil and climate are perfect for high quality Cabernet Sauvignon, the soil is an iron rich, decomposed lava.  The climate stays cool during the summer nights and mornings, contrasting with the warm to hot afternoons.  These elements combine to create elements in the wines that preserve fruit flavors from degradation.
It is clear to me that Tierra Roja is a labor of love, rather than a business venture. What initially sparked your passion for making fine wine? (the production is less than 300 cases total per year) 
  • I have been involved with agriculture since my FFA days in high school and had a vineyard management company in the Napa Valley for over 20 years.  Just as people fall in love, and move on to marry and have children, there was a strong desire to complete the cycle and have a wine that was representative of my home vineyard.  Tierra Roja is my way of sharing my love of the land.
Is there a benchmark wine that Tierra Roja‘s methodology is based on? 
  • No.  Our goal was not to emulate any other wine, but rather to let the wine express the place. 
Do you foresee any changes in your appellation going forward? 
  • In Oakville there is a tremendous camaraderie, while at the same time a constant setting of the bar of quality higher than last year.  I see that bar continuing to move higher.
Who would you consider to be your counterparts? 
  • My counterparts?  The associates with whom I am most at home would be my fellow farmers, anywhere in the world.
What did the 2012 growing season look like for Tierra Roja
  • Beautiful, classic with no extraordinary events, but perfect weather bloom to harvest.
What was the first wine that you can remember being in love with? 
  • Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill (in High School), Spanada (for those country drives with my Sister in college days), but my first “fine wine” aha moment was a bottle of 1978 Stag’s Leap Petite Syrah (of which I still have a bottle or two) drank at a Madera restaurant in 1985.
Are there any up-and-coming appellations that you are keeping your eye on? 
  • Of course!  You know I also have a vineyard and winery in Fair Play, a tiny appellation in the El Dorado area of the Sierra Foothills, Mellowood Vineyard.  I bought there because I feel that the wines are escalating in quality and the customers love the experience of visiting this historical, beautiful area.
What is your ideal food pairing to Tierra Roja? 
  • If I have to pick one food, it would be lamb, rack or leg.  Rib eye of beef!  This weekend I am doing another favorite, Beef Wellington.  Yum!  But to be honest, I love it with most foods.
Linda is a lady that defies much of the pretension that we associate with the wine industry, and yet she makes some of the most interesting of the super-premium Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignons. For that very reason, it makes for the perfect wine to exemplify what we aspire to promote at 3Twenty. Cheers!